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Oh man, I can’t even look at my post yesterday. 😦 It hurts every time I remember that I was so happy yesterday for expecting too much.

Here’s my status in FB today: (not visible to all, though)

Waaaaaaah. :[ It was my last chance.. unfortunately I didn’t get it. Maybe hindi nga talaga meant ‘yun sa akin. Sorry God but I can’t help myself to be sad.. yet I promise I’ll do everything to be happy again like yesterday, when I thought na magkakatotoo na ‘yun. :(( </3 Please help me..

Aww. I’m not saying t’was my kuya’s fault. It’s nobody’s fault.. except for me. I broke my own heart, alright.

Sabi nga ni Zet, “Kung hindi para sa ‘yo, hindi talaga mangyayari.”

Last Recog. na nila eh. I was nearly there.

Who else to blame? The rules? Well, to be sincere, I find it unfair. I want to know why the rules were changed.

Well, thank you GOD, still! 🙂




Tagalog mode muna. Kasi naman kasi. :)) :\

Nakakainis! Kung maka-asta. Akala nila madali ginagawa ko. Ang dali lang naman eh, kung ayaw mong masulat, tumahinik ka sa isang tabi!

I was commanded to list the Noisy, Standing (w/o good reason) and Going Out in class, as the President. Then it ended up like this: MY TWO GUY CLASSMATES BECAME MAD AT ME BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT THAT I DIDN’T WARN THEM WHEN THEY WERE CREATING NOISE! NOW THEY’RE BLAMING ME!

Do they even listen or something?

Shizz. ‘Yung isa parinig pa ng parinig, tinabihan pa ako. Kapal! ;\

Hay. I hope you’ll realize something. You ruined my last Monday with Courage.