Watching Mara Clara right now. Okay, I’ll go straight to the title.

At about 3 pm (if I’ m not mistaken), an 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck Japan that will cause tsunamis in other places like Guam, Indonesia, Hawaii and PHILIPPINES! 😐 Oh my. Well I’m still kind of glad that the government officials commanded the Filipinos to evacuate early.


Just now, according to CNN, Hawaii is already feeling the tidal waves.

What makes me want to weep even more are the footage I see on T.V. about what happened in Japan. “Parang pelikula lang”, my dad even said. No doubts, the damage was major. What made me want to weep even more is when I saw Japanese people crying. 😦 Even though I don’t even have even 1% of  Japanese blood, I still feel really sad for them. Nanghihinayang rin ako because Japan’s one of the leading countries, and the richest country in Asia.

Will a tsunami hit the Eastern Phil?