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Pictures taken from reviewing Math for the Monthly Exams (Photo 1-3) and doing the Science Article about Abortion with creativity (Photo 4-5).

I love school. =))



After a century, I’ve finally managed to create a new post. =))

Our classes were announced suspended today not because of bagyong Kabayan, but because of the Hanging Habagat. (Maybe it was really a strong one. Lol, I am not good in weather forecasts.)

Last night, the loud thunders and lightnings woke me up in the middle of a cannot-be-remembered dream. I was really so scared that I was hiding behind my mommy’s back so I won’t be able to have a glimpse of the “light” coming from them. It was really freakin’ loud. :[ But I was happy though, because God answered my prayers eventually (to stop the lightnings!). :”>

At maybe 7 am today, I was really feeling relaxed because there were no classes. So, I’ve decided to go online and I surprisingly found out that some of my classmates were like, celebrating the free day. XD Minutes later, I’ve noticed a flash of light when I looked at our windows. After maybe two seconds, I’ve heard a thunder roar. -_- Scared because thinking that what happened last night would happen again, I quickly turned the computer off.  You are probably laughing right now but sorry, that’s what Astraphobics would do. 😛 Going back, I went to my bed and hid my face behind a pillow. I fell asleep and woke up with a HEADACHE. -_- My hair was still wet when I accidentally feel asleep so that’s the reason why it happened. Ugh.



1. My dad.

– Every time I’m with him, we can’t avoid having laughtrips even in the most random thing in the world. XD Food chokes included.

2. Kuya Ivan Garcia.

– Fun to be with because he always makes himself (sometimes) the starting point of laughter even if he could embarass himself. Cool, eh? 🙂


3. Risey, my cousin.

– At a very young age, she has too much in mind already. She talks like she’s a lot older than me. How hilarious. :))


This can be changed. 🙂



2:17 pm. All alone in my room. No, dad didn’t ‘leave’ the yet- he just went out to organize some stuff. But it sure is different being alone and quiet here.

Ugh, I still feel dizzy because of the paint!

Intellectual Conversion means understanding the basic meaning of life. Am I right? We studied that in Christian Living.

It’s getting on me. Like a while ago. While I was eating my lunch, I saw Cher, our dog, sleeping on the ground despite of the drastic heat. I wonder if she really feels sad or uncomfy whenever she does that.. So I felt pity and decided that I should give her some of my food to show her that I’m there, ready to comfort her. I really love our dog and I become sad sometimes when she gets flogged a little bit for her mistakes. A little bit, okay? 🙂

I was also glad that I’m gradually overcoming my fear of dogs Cher! Well, it’s OK for me if I fear of dogs.. If I’ll not be scared of Cher.♥

Early morning tears. Sorry to let you leave without saying goodbye.

I can’t contact my mom properly. 😐



April 8, 2011- I expected this day to be full of bliss and excitement. I did try it to be… but I couldn’t tell it that it was pitched perfectly.


I woke up at around 7:30 am, an early one.. because of Rocketeer playing in my phone. Me and my dad had to wake up early so we can get my card early and at the same time get the latest issue of Marian Chronicle and some other things that were needed to be picked up.

My grades. I’m speechless. I can’t say that my final numbers were super high. Can’t say they flunked, either. My grades were okay. I didn’t really care that much about my final ratings because 1) the school-year was over; 2) whatever happens, I was still in the HL for school-year 2010-2011! What a mind.

Marian Chronicle. Marian Chronicle. MARIAN CHRONICLE. ♥

This made me very happy today. I just saw my name there, fives times repeated! LOL. Three for the three articles, then two for the Editorial Board. I didn’t know that I was one of the Second Associate Editors. XD Yes! Yes! Yes! (Wonderin’ if The Fruit saw my articles… don’t care!) 😛

Even though I felt kinda lucky enough this day.. I just learned that I must be careful of the things I handle, and I must be sure on all the information I give. OKAAAAYYY? Can’t explain. Can’t publicize that much, sorry! 🙂


I must write an Untold Story tomorrow!




Be cool. ~

The photo was taken inside the ta-ta-taxi cab. ^^


Okay? What’s up with the title? It just means that after a coupl’a weeks, we ate again in Pancake House! But what up with the, “without pancakes” phrase? None of us ordered pancakes. Even I. I was afraid to have vomit hardships again just like what happened when I ordered two-piece Chicken with rice plus hotcakes with egg last year. :O :-bd So I just ordered the two-piece chicken meal alone.

Before eating dinner, we shopped for some things my mom, dad and MYSELF need. Frankly, an example is the latest issue of Candy magazine. Haha. I just discovered that my crush and I are both water signs. LOL. ~


Okay, gotta go. Distribution of Cards tomorrow plus THE RELEASE. ♥



Thanks to Zet today!




When we got up after break time, Madam G. called me to assist her in arranging (attaching double-adhesive tapes) the awards since I was doing nothing in my broken chair.. well it wasn’t really my own chair, alright. 🙂 Iloved how my classmates made fun of me while sitting on the floor, so I joined in because what was in my mind that time is, “Jelou, join in the fun. This is the last time. Forget about your Presidential duties.”

Yes, t’was almost dismissal time. Hereeeee commmeeessszzz the hardest part.

We had removed our chairs and put them in the sides so we can use the middle for the program. Madam turned her laptop on and so was the the projector. Madam prepared three slideshows. One for the boys, one for the girls and the last one for all of us. As a Couragian sees his/her photo on the screen, he/she should come forward to be given some awards (ribbons). When I was called, I was given two ribbons. Oh wait, I was also given some certificates.

These are the awards I’ve received:

  • Certificate of Merit (my fave)
  • Honor Roll Award (ribbon)
  • Best in I.C.T. (ribbon)
  • Certificate of Recognition for being a contributor and an active member of the Young Writers’ Circle
  • Young Scientist Award (certificate)
  • Best Speaker in the English Culminating Activity in her section (certificate)

After the distribution of awards, I saw some of my classmates weeping already. So I thought giving them by handwritten letters so they could cry more. LOL I was just kidding. I really wanted to give them those immediately.

Then some of my classmates gave speeches, but at first I really didn’t want to, even if I should because I know that I’m the President. Sorry guys. But when I felt courage to do it, it was too late. I should have thanked them earlier.. 🙂

I cried when my friend Coleen (a.k.a. shoes) approached me and said that my letter to her was so touching and hugged me. Oh my, I cried so hard. XD

I cried even harder when kuya Ivan came insideour classroom and told me that he wouldn’t be studying in SMASA next year. I was like, “ARE YOU KIDDING????!! YOU CAN’T LEAVE!! YOU SHOULD NOT!!! YOU SHALL NOT!!! YOU OUGHT TO BE STAYING HERE WITH YOUR LITTLE SISTER. </3” Oh my, my school life will be less hilarious without him. He’s like my kuya for almost my entire life.. and he helped me A LOT in things. Even though we had little fights before, I’ll surely miss him.

Before I left the classroom, I hugged my baby 658 that I loved for the entire first year life. Through sadness and whatsoever, my baby 658 was always there to be “an armchair to cry on”. ♥ 🙂

We went to Mang Inasal and afterwards Shakey’s. Foodtrip yeah!

When I got home, my cousin Kim was there! 😀 He came because it was my NANAY’S BIRTHDAY. 🙂 I was glad to be with him after months. We had our Galcutiez bonding.




It’s the 25th! Still ain’t done with this novel. Haha. LOOOL. JK!

After a coup’la minutes it was the seventh graders’ turn to be called. We were only three by the way, because the other students thought that the awarding’s going to be held in the afternoon, so I thought they were still riding in the clouds of their dreams.. Just kidding. Phew! Glad I managed to go up early. 🙂 When my two companions were called, I was left behind there (:”>), for the second time acting like a “lost girl”.  Mmkay, this was a happy part- when my name was called, I heard loud claps and screams coming from the second floor, particularly in the classroom of Couragians my Loves. ♥ I was like, “Huhhh? What’s up with me? :)”. I was sooooo touched to feel their support, and others’ support too- when I was about to go upstage, two people told me “Congratulations!” That felt so real, but not so real because I pictured it like a dream scene. Truly. Chhyeah. 😉

Yeah, I was given a merit certificate (and was glad that there weren’t any spelling errors). When we got up and just before my classmates start their exams, I and some other candidates were called to check test papers because we didn’t really have anything to do. After that, it was recess time. ;;)

OKAAAAY. Recess. Why so emphasized? :”> While I was walking with my closest gal pals, Genevieve and Zet, I saw the fruit sitting kind of alone, so I felt the urge to congratulate him for being a top student. 🙂 But before I could, there was a boy who approached him. So I didn’t bother to come close to him again. :)) Haha, but this was the hilarious part- after me and my pals had bought snacks, we were so close to the fruit so I called him and told “Cwongwats” (with a Mini Keyk cupcake inside my mouth!) Then he said thank you (w/o a smile, he looked mad). I thought it was a little embarrassing but it was alright. :-bd He deserves it! 😛

I’ve finished this one on the 23rd to 24th.

Yeah, I went down and some people stared at me. Including the staffs. But it was alright, I just pretended that I didn’t notice that their eyes were on me. So I decided to go upstairs.. then I heard the sweet rhythm of tantanantanantantantanan, tanananantantantantan! It was the rhythm that stood by me through five years. It was the Recognition Day rhythm that I revel. ♥ When I heard that, I said, “Yes!” to myself with a big smile. 😀 Haha, okay. So  I went upstairs to tell my teacher that I didn’t see any honor stud. But I was forced to go down again. :)) When it was my 2nd time to go down, I was glad to see Celine and Ralph, as you all know they are two honor studs. 😉 I asked them if I could go with them. I was lucky to have two companions that time. XD

When we got on the other side, we were called by Madam Ibay, so we could get ourselves ready. I saw the candidates from the 2nd and 3rd year levels. I searched for the fruit, but I then realized he’s “better”. XD

Continuation tomorrow!! 🙂


Oh yeah, at last. :))

Well, this day was one of the best days in my life.

I cried ( a lot), laughed, kilig-ed (say whuut?) and felt happy for being appreciated.

Lots of surprises surprised me. Lol. XD

Let us start!

Awards, alright. I thought the awarding of Merit Certificates will be held in the afternoon. And that THE FRUIT will be there. But it didn’t turn out the way I thought it will. But I still felt jovial. To be honest, even more! :]

Here’s the story.

After the Morning Praise, Madam told me to go down because the awarding will start. Yeah, I went down stairs even though I’m really confused about where I should particularly ”sit”. 🙂 When I went down, the people were like.. staring at me because I looked like a “lost girl”. :))

To be continued tomorrow (032211) — JelouGhee♥