Category: Poetry

Bloomed (05/11)


Jelou Galang

I just started as a small seed

Thirsty for enlightening water

That somehow I hoped will lead (me)

The baby steps to survive winter.

At first, I did not have smooth ventures

It was difficult to breathe in and out

Knowing that some creepy creatures

Could eat me up without having the urge to shout.

I had some accidental failures

And forgotten some steps I learned

Yet with all of your guiding gestures

I had stood again with knowledge earned.

My petals can serve as my gray matter

So beautiful in large number

And guess what will happen later:

My stem will even grow taller!

Now, I can proudly say

That surviving winter is a few steps away

Glad that I’m almost out of the feud

And you are continuing in helping me become




Lost (07/10)


Jelou Galang


Right now, I can say

That I’m so lost in great darkness

Shedding tears everyday

Hard to find happiness.


I’m the one getting punished

I’m the one who’s wrong

My explanation never gets finished

Still searching for the right song.


They always make fun of my actions

They can’t even look at themselves

Still I’m here, looking for directions

Carrying the scourging by myself.


But even though I always feel like a broken mirror

I’ll still do my best to get out of these dim caves

For I’m strong, courageous and clever

And I have faith in God who saves.