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Pictures taken from reviewing Math for the Monthly Exams (Photo 1-3) and doing the Science Article about Abortion with creativity (Photo 4-5).

I love school. =))







Luis Fernando, you are the bomb! :”>

MLDB will start on the 15th of August. It will air at 6 pm. I’M SO LUCKY. 😛


Photo credits to Tumblr.




Sorry if I’ve haven’t posted for days.. I’ll make bawi today. :>

April 17, 2011

05:30 am

Woke up to attend the Palm Sunday mass. I wore my violet rock star-y Next shirt plus my white “The Smart Ones Are Always Different” Forever 21 top and a pair of black pants my mom gave me. Guess what, it was my first time to attend  Palm Sunday mass that includes– using of a palaspas. 🙂

07:10 am

After the mass, me and my mom headed to Jollibee to take our breakfast. I ordered chicken with rice and fries (the chicken had an unusual color, though). We also stopped by a convenience store.

Around 07:40 am

When we had gotten home and gave my dad his breakfast (payback time, because he used to buy me Sunday morning food), he told me something shocking and at first I didn’t even believe.

“Uy, patay na ‘yung artista sa Sabel ha.”

Then I was like, “SI AJ?! Or ‘yung isang lalaki..? Hala daddy si AJ ba?!”

“Oo yata. Nasa Yahoo! Na-aksidente.”

Okay. That wazz zo unbelievable. I quickly checked the Yahoo! site and found out what my dad said was true. 😦

What’s so awkward is that he didn’t really even become an idol of mine, but I was really affected of what happened. 😦

The tragic news just reminds us that we don’t know when will be our time– so we should always enjoy and cherish our life.

Used the pink bike. Japanese type. It was cool, though. 🙂

Rest in Peace. ♥

At the garage yo..

Be cool. ~

The photo was taken inside the ta-ta-taxi cab. ^^


Okay? What’s up with the title? It just means that after a coupl’a weeks, we ate again in Pancake House! But what up with the, “without pancakes” phrase? None of us ordered pancakes. Even I. I was afraid to have vomit hardships again just like what happened when I ordered two-piece Chicken with rice plus hotcakes with egg last year. :O :-bd So I just ordered the two-piece chicken meal alone.

Before eating dinner, we shopped for some things my mom, dad and MYSELF need. Frankly, an example is the latest issue of Candy magazine. Haha. I just discovered that my crush and I are both water signs. LOL. ~


Okay, gotta go. Distribution of Cards tomorrow plus THE RELEASE. ♥



Thanks to Zet today!




(I got this from This isn’t a real work of mine. Credits to the blog.)

Dear Nene,

happy, happy 16th birthday. I miss you so much…it hurts pero naniniwala ako na our life together is like a carousel, paikot-ikot lang ‘to, hindi natatapos. At kahit anong mangyari.. kahit gaano man katagal o gaano man ka hirap, I will always come back to you and you will always come back to me.

Recently, my life with you has been a ferris wheel ride, exciting, nakakagulat, hindi mo alam kung kelan aakyat at babagsak, kung kelan babagal at kelan bibilis. Akala mo okay na.. biglang hindi pa pala. Hindi mo alam kung sisigaw ka o matatawa.. o iiyak o masusuka kasi iba’t-ibang emosyon ang hatid because of its unpredictable twist and turns.

Kung ako lang, kaya ko to be in a roller coaster ride with you. If i’d use my heart itatakas kita ngayon din at magpapakalayo tayo. Away from everyone else.

Kaya ko kahit anuman and dumating sa atin. Pero dahil mahal kita hahayaan kitang ayusin ang buhay mo. that’s why in the meantime I promise to give you peace. Let’s gather our strength para pagdating ng araw I can take care of you.

kahit hindi na tayo masyadong magkikita, please keep me in your heart as I will always keep you in mine and always remember I love you so.

“i’m letting go of you but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up on you. one day babalikan kita. Be happy always Nene, be happy okay.


I’ve always felt so touched whenever I read this letter. I hope my dream guy would be as thoughtful and loving as Jojo. :”>


In my heart! NBB has been my most favorite music group since I was 10. HOHOHO.

Kev Nish is so cute. :"> lol.

I love them. Prohgress, Kev Nish, J-Spliff and DJ Virman! ♥

Crush ko si Kev Nish! WHAT? :))


Couragians In My Heart ♥

They'll always be, my one true loves! XD ♥

PJ, Alvero, Enrico, Gio, Pierre, CJ, Patty, Ebro, Lemuel, Graham, Guinto, Gab, Tim, Jerwin, Alex, Raphael, Don, Toty, Derick, Macmillar, Carl, Symon, Mary Lois, Laramie, Michaella, Butabs, Princess Kate, Liezl, Genevieve, Janela, Zet, Demi, Brigette, Patricia, Angela, Joeriz, Coleen, Nicole, Isabela, Cheska, Claire, Mary Joy, Michelle, Aileen and Madam Danica, you will all be in my heart, forever! 🙂

You made me and my life a lot happier and better. :***

God bless you guys!