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Luis Fernando, you are the bomb! :”>

MLDB will start on the 15th of August. It will air at 6 pm. I’M SO LUCKY. 😛


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After a century, I’ve finally managed to create a new post. =))

Our classes were announced suspended today not because of bagyong Kabayan, but because of the Hanging Habagat. (Maybe it was really a strong one. Lol, I am not good in weather forecasts.)

Last night, the loud thunders and lightnings woke me up in the middle of a cannot-be-remembered dream. I was really so scared that I was hiding behind my mommy’s back so I won’t be able to have a glimpse of the “light” coming from them. It was really freakin’ loud. :[ But I was happy though, because God answered my prayers eventually (to stop the lightnings!). :”>

At maybe 7 am today, I was really feeling relaxed because there were no classes. So, I’ve decided to go online and I surprisingly found out that some of my classmates were like, celebrating the free day. XD Minutes later, I’ve noticed a flash of light when I looked at our windows. After maybe two seconds, I’ve heard a thunder roar. -_- Scared because thinking that what happened last night would happen again, I quickly turned the computer off.  You are probably laughing right now but sorry, that’s what Astraphobics would do. 😛 Going back, I went to my bed and hid my face behind a pillow. I fell asleep and woke up with a HEADACHE. -_- My hair was still wet when I accidentally feel asleep so that’s the reason why it happened. Ugh.



Sorry if I’ve haven’t posted for days.. I’ll make bawi today. :>

April 17, 2011

05:30 am

Woke up to attend the Palm Sunday mass. I wore my violet rock star-y Next shirt plus my white “The Smart Ones Are Always Different” Forever 21 top and a pair of black pants my mom gave me. Guess what, it was my first time to attend  Palm Sunday mass that includes– using of a palaspas. 🙂

07:10 am

After the mass, me and my mom headed to Jollibee to take our breakfast. I ordered chicken with rice and fries (the chicken had an unusual color, though). We also stopped by a convenience store.

Around 07:40 am

When we had gotten home and gave my dad his breakfast (payback time, because he used to buy me Sunday morning food), he told me something shocking and at first I didn’t even believe.

“Uy, patay na ‘yung artista sa Sabel ha.”

Then I was like, “SI AJ?! Or ‘yung isang lalaki..? Hala daddy si AJ ba?!”

“Oo yata. Nasa Yahoo! Na-aksidente.”

Okay. That wazz zo unbelievable. I quickly checked the Yahoo! site and found out what my dad said was true. 😦

What’s so awkward is that he didn’t really even become an idol of mine, but I was really affected of what happened. 😦

The tragic news just reminds us that we don’t know when will be our time– so we should always enjoy and cherish our life.

Used the pink bike. Japanese type. It was cool, though. 🙂

Rest in Peace. ♥

At the garage yo..

11:52 in the evening. Just watched the intriguing music video of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. My gosh, can’t believe it had more dislikes than likes. The comments were flooding. Poor Rebecca. Well, I completely know why some hate her vid. If you know what I mean. 😉 Despite of that, I thought it was okay. It DOESN’T SUCK to me. ^^ It’s her way of expressing herself. I thought it’s kinda funny though.. but it was okay. At least it has good vibes attached to it. :-bd But I respect every person’s opinions. 🙂

Speaking of Friday, on April 8, I’ll surely be blissfull. ‘Kay, I’ll just tell ‘ya tomorrow. :))
Gotta sleep.
Malling tomorrow.



It’s about 10:30 am. It’s Saturday and thank God that He gave me time to write this entry. I also thank Him because my mom said that the tsunami wasn’t able to hit our country, because it was only about 2 meters. A single Earthquake/aftershock didn’t happen also! I wasn’t able to be an owl last night though, because I was so tired and sleepy even if I wanted to stay up late to see the news.

Here it is– the second thing that makes me want to cry. HELLO IT’S 1 WEEK MORE. </3

I hate it every time I remember that I’ll be away with the Couragians for a very long time and those sssuuuupppeeerrrr funny and jovial moments in class would not be back again after the 19th. </3 :”( I was about to cry yesterday in Homeroom class, when Madam G. said that it was our last HR class. <///3



I could cry now.

Watching Mara Clara right now. Okay, I’ll go straight to the title.

At about 3 pm (if I’ m not mistaken), an 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck Japan that will cause tsunamis in other places like Guam, Indonesia, Hawaii and PHILIPPINES! 😐 Oh my. Well I’m still kind of glad that the government officials commanded the Filipinos to evacuate early.


Just now, according to CNN, Hawaii is already feeling the tidal waves.

What makes me want to weep even more are the footage I see on T.V. about what happened in Japan. “Parang pelikula lang”, my dad even said. No doubts, the damage was major. What made me want to weep even more is when I saw Japanese people crying. 😦 Even though I don’t even have even 1% of  Japanese blood, I still feel really sad for them. Nanghihinayang rin ako because Japan’s one of the leading countries, and the richest country in Asia.

Will a tsunami hit the Eastern Phil?