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Play button-friendly songs. 🙂

1. If You Ever Come Back- The Script

2. Price Tag- Jessie J feat. B.O.B.

3. Stuck in the Moment- Justin Bieber

4. U Smile- Justin Bieber

5. Breakeven- The Script

6. Rocketeer- Far East Movement

7. Proof of my Love- The Naked Brothers Band

8. Body I Occupy- The Naked Brothers Band

9. Terrified- Katharine McPhee feat. Jason Reeves

10. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved- The Script



11:52 in the evening. Just watched the intriguing music video of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. My gosh, can’t believe it had more dislikes than likes. The comments were flooding. Poor Rebecca. Well, I completely know why some hate her vid. If you know what I mean. 😉 Despite of that, I thought it was okay. It DOESN’T SUCK to me. ^^ It’s her way of expressing herself. I thought it’s kinda funny though.. but it was okay. At least it has good vibes attached to it. :-bd But I respect every person’s opinions. 🙂

Speaking of Friday, on April 8, I’ll surely be blissfull. ‘Kay, I’ll just tell ‘ya tomorrow. :))
Gotta sleep.
Malling tomorrow.





Yes, today was the last regular school [Couragian-themed] day. :((

I quite enjoyed it, but I guess it’s not that one of the best because of my [little] depression. Ugh. Anyways, these are some things we did. 🙂 😦

1.) Played guitar. Yes, we were free! Zet gave me a tutorial. :-bd

2.) “Lessened” the things inside the closets and got our baby pictures. OBVIOUSLY REMIND US OF GOODBYE.

3.) Nagkagulo, nagkalat, lahat na. XD