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Oh hello. It’s already May now and I don’t know exactly why did I stop from posting since the 3rd week of April. I’m sorry about that. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood or something. Lack of intelligence and ideas, I think? 🙂

Celebrating the 3 most important days of Holy Week.

Good Friday

Prayed the Rosary with the Gospel Readings and Meditations. Super solemn day. Did my best to fast. 🙂

Black Saturday

Prayed the Rosary with the Gospel Readings and Meditations also. Visted the Church and went to a Laud accidentally because there wasn’t any Mass. But it’s okay, at least me and mom visited the Church. Went to a fastfood chain and ate breakfast after. 🙂 Oh yes, I was wearing yellow. ♥

Easter Sunday

Attended Mass with my R cousins and ate Iris. Then went to Macapagal Ave. for lunch as a treat of my tita for her birthday. Yay! Galcutiez reunion. 🙂 After that, we also went to MOA. Then, played at TimeZone. Exhausting day! 🙂



Go to the search bar and type the letter, and put the name of the first person who shows up, and answer a few questions about them. If you show up first, just skip your name. After you’re done, tag everyone you mentioned 🙂

A.  Christian Ivan A. Garcia

1) Do you know this person?

Of course! He’s my kuya. 🙂

2) Did this person have a crush on you?

– Of course not! XD

3) Do you know the same people?

– Some. 🙂

B. Jerwin Lovess Ü

1) Do you love this person?

– Yes. Si Clara ‘yan eh. :)) :”>

2) Is this person your enemy?

– Nope.

3) When was the last time you saw this person?

– On March 19th.

C. Carlo Tan

1) How long have you known him/her?

– 2 years and 2 months.

2) Biggest regret?

– Dunno. XD

3) Do you hate this person?

– Of course not. XD


D. Danica Orsal Gariando

 1) What do you really think of this person?

–  Mother of the Couragians! :-bd

2) What’s their favorite colors?

– Dunno. Forgotten. 😦

3) Have you seen this person within the last week?

– Yes.. last week. XD

E. Miah Cayelle Anne Esteban

 1) Are they a good listener?

– Yes. :”>

2) Have you ever lied to this person?

– Not yet.

3) Is this person funny?

– Yes. XD

F. Anne Nocedo

1) Have you ever met their parents?

– Yup. That was like, years ago. XD

2) Have you told this person a secret about you?

– Yup.

3) Best thing about this person?

– Kind. 🙂

G. Gielyn Domingo

1) What grade are they in?

– Incoming 2nd year student.

2) Is he/she your friend?


3) Something you have in common?

– Many. 😀

H.  Denise Musni

1) Has this person ever made fun of you?

–  Not yet..? XD

2) When is the next time you will see him/her?

– Next school year. 😀 I think? ^^

3) Does this person love you?

– I don’t know. :))))


I. Ika Ü Bibs

  1) Do they have any siblings?

– IDK. :))

2) Do they like to dance?

– Yes. Good dancer ‘yan. :-bd

3) What would you do if they confessed they liked you?

– LOL. XD Girl to girl? :))

J. Jelou Ghee Ü

1) How old were you, and how did you first meet?

– Hindi ko kilala ‘yan. 😛 JK.

2) What’s his/her pet’s name?

– Jelou. :)))) But she died.

3) Love this person?

– Of course. ♥ :””> XD


K. Kim Marucut

1) How’d you two meet?

– When he was still a baby! That’s my childhood sidekick. 😉

2) Any siblings?

– None. 🙂

3) Have you done something crazy with him/her?

– HAHAHAHAHA. XD Many things already.. Right, cousin? 😀

L. Zet luzon

1) When did you meet this person?

– 5th grade. 🙂

2) Do you like him/her as a friend?

– Super yup! :)) She’s a great friend.

3) Would you go to Disney World with this person?

– Sure. ^^

M. Brigette Ocaña Mallari

1) Is this person older than you?

– Nope. 🙂

2) How did you know them?

– First day of school. (June 15, 2010)

3) What classes do you have with him/her?

– Not classmates 😀

 N. Nicole Castaneda

1) Are you related?

– Nope.

2) When is the last time you saw this person?

– Last month. 🙂

3) What school do they go to?


O. Shiela Mae Salas Ortiz

1) Is this person your boyfriend/girlfriend?

– Nope. XD

2) Have you seen this person cry?

– Not yet.

3) Do you miss them?

– Yes. :>


P. Princess Bathan

1) How many times do you talk in a week?

– Hm. Dunno. But I’m sure we talk once or twice in two weeks.

2) Does he/she have a good personality?

– YEAH. 😀

3) What’s his/her best quality?

– Every quality she has that makes her a best friend of mine. 🙂 ♥

Q. Crizalina Hernandez Morales

1) Do they have a crush on you?

– Nope. XD

2) Would you hug this person?

– Yes. 🙂

3) Is this person your friend?

– Yup. ^^


R. Robie Evora

1) Have you heard this person sing?

– Not yet.

2) Do you think this person will repost this?

– IDK. :))

3) When does this person look best?

– Pag stolen. Loljk. :))


S. Genebabe Gebie Galang

1) When will you see this person next?

– On May. :-bd

2) Does this person have any siblings?

– Yezz. 🙂

3) Describe them in one word 

– Fun. ♥


T. Symon Tubon

1) Funniest moment with this person?

– Many na. :))

2) When did you meet them?

–  2nd grade. 😀

3) Do you like this person as a friend?

– Yezz. 🙂

U. Jer Win Ü (again?XD)

1) What kind of music do they like?

– Anything Mara Clara. :))

2) Do you consider him/her a friend?

– Of course. 🙂

3) Have you ever spent the night with them?

– Not yet.


V. Michelle Vito

1) Is this person loud or quiet?

– Loud yata. 😉

2) Describe this person?

– Kind, humble, beautiful! 🙂

3) What color eyes does this person have?

– Blackish brown? XD

W. Julien Waynes

1) Would you hang out with him/her outside of school?

– Sure. 😉

2) How about a sleepover with him/her?

– It depends..? XD

3) Does this person have a job?

– Nope. 🙂

X. Xtian Dilema

1) Does this person wear make-up?

– No. XD

2) Does this person play any sports?

– Yes. 🙂

3) Is this person smart?

– Yes. 🙂

Y. Christina Dultra

 1) When was the last time you saw this person?

– Last month. 🙂

2) Does this person have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

– Dunno. Enchong? :”> XD

3) Is he/she lactose intolerant?

– IDK. :))

Z. Zet Luzon (again?XD)

1) Is this person close to you?

– Very. 😀

2) Worst thing about this person?

– Nothin’. ^^ =))))

3) Favorite place to go with this person?

– Many. :)))

So, do you think I should post this?


1. My dad.

– Every time I’m with him, we can’t avoid having laughtrips even in the most random thing in the world. XD Food chokes included.

2. Kuya Ivan Garcia.

– Fun to be with because he always makes himself (sometimes) the starting point of laughter even if he could embarass himself. Cool, eh? 🙂


3. Risey, my cousin.

– At a very young age, she has too much in mind already. She talks like she’s a lot older than me. How hilarious. :))


This can be changed. 🙂



Be cool. ~

The photo was taken inside the ta-ta-taxi cab. ^^


Okay? What’s up with the title? It just means that after a coupl’a weeks, we ate again in Pancake House! But what up with the, “without pancakes” phrase? None of us ordered pancakes. Even I. I was afraid to have vomit hardships again just like what happened when I ordered two-piece Chicken with rice plus hotcakes with egg last year. :O :-bd So I just ordered the two-piece chicken meal alone.

Before eating dinner, we shopped for some things my mom, dad and MYSELF need. Frankly, an example is the latest issue of Candy magazine. Haha. I just discovered that my crush and I are both water signs. LOL. ~


Okay, gotta go. Distribution of Cards tomorrow plus THE RELEASE. ♥



Thanks to Zet today!




Yes! At last! Finally got recovered from posting and posting about the March 19th thingy, ’cause I admit, I got tired of seeing the same title (with a little difference, though) over and over again.

Okay, just a quick post. When I went biking this afternoon, when my first pedal of the day happened, it seemed like I WAS MORE COMFORTABLE. Not only that, it also seemed like whenever  go for a turn, I was reaaaally at ease and I was in 10 percent chance of falling down. I considered it a GREAT BIKE DAY. XD


My dad said it was because of  my condition, but up to now, I still think it was because of my bike all along. Particularly the wheels. My dad even pumped up air to them before I went biking. Hmm.. :))


‘Kay. 12am now. APRIL FOOOLLLSZZ. XD

Happy birthday, Princess and Graham. ♥

When we got up after break time, Madam G. called me to assist her in arranging (attaching double-adhesive tapes) the awards since I was doing nothing in my broken chair.. well it wasn’t really my own chair, alright. 🙂 Iloved how my classmates made fun of me while sitting on the floor, so I joined in because what was in my mind that time is, “Jelou, join in the fun. This is the last time. Forget about your Presidential duties.”

Yes, t’was almost dismissal time. Hereeeee commmeeessszzz the hardest part.

We had removed our chairs and put them in the sides so we can use the middle for the program. Madam turned her laptop on and so was the the projector. Madam prepared three slideshows. One for the boys, one for the girls and the last one for all of us. As a Couragian sees his/her photo on the screen, he/she should come forward to be given some awards (ribbons). When I was called, I was given two ribbons. Oh wait, I was also given some certificates.

These are the awards I’ve received:

  • Certificate of Merit (my fave)
  • Honor Roll Award (ribbon)
  • Best in I.C.T. (ribbon)
  • Certificate of Recognition for being a contributor and an active member of the Young Writers’ Circle
  • Young Scientist Award (certificate)
  • Best Speaker in the English Culminating Activity in her section (certificate)

After the distribution of awards, I saw some of my classmates weeping already. So I thought giving them by handwritten letters so they could cry more. LOL I was just kidding. I really wanted to give them those immediately.

Then some of my classmates gave speeches, but at first I really didn’t want to, even if I should because I know that I’m the President. Sorry guys. But when I felt courage to do it, it was too late. I should have thanked them earlier.. 🙂

I cried when my friend Coleen (a.k.a. shoes) approached me and said that my letter to her was so touching and hugged me. Oh my, I cried so hard. XD

I cried even harder when kuya Ivan came insideour classroom and told me that he wouldn’t be studying in SMASA next year. I was like, “ARE YOU KIDDING????!! YOU CAN’T LEAVE!! YOU SHOULD NOT!!! YOU SHALL NOT!!! YOU OUGHT TO BE STAYING HERE WITH YOUR LITTLE SISTER. </3” Oh my, my school life will be less hilarious without him. He’s like my kuya for almost my entire life.. and he helped me A LOT in things. Even though we had little fights before, I’ll surely miss him.

Before I left the classroom, I hugged my baby 658 that I loved for the entire first year life. Through sadness and whatsoever, my baby 658 was always there to be “an armchair to cry on”. ♥ 🙂

We went to Mang Inasal and afterwards Shakey’s. Foodtrip yeah!

When I got home, my cousin Kim was there! 😀 He came because it was my NANAY’S BIRTHDAY. 🙂 I was glad to be with him after months. We had our Galcutiez bonding.




It’s the 25th! Still ain’t done with this novel. Haha. LOOOL. JK!

After a coup’la minutes it was the seventh graders’ turn to be called. We were only three by the way, because the other students thought that the awarding’s going to be held in the afternoon, so I thought they were still riding in the clouds of their dreams.. Just kidding. Phew! Glad I managed to go up early. 🙂 When my two companions were called, I was left behind there (:”>), for the second time acting like a “lost girl”.  Mmkay, this was a happy part- when my name was called, I heard loud claps and screams coming from the second floor, particularly in the classroom of Couragians my Loves. ♥ I was like, “Huhhh? What’s up with me? :)”. I was sooooo touched to feel their support, and others’ support too- when I was about to go upstage, two people told me “Congratulations!” That felt so real, but not so real because I pictured it like a dream scene. Truly. Chhyeah. 😉

Yeah, I was given a merit certificate (and was glad that there weren’t any spelling errors). When we got up and just before my classmates start their exams, I and some other candidates were called to check test papers because we didn’t really have anything to do. After that, it was recess time. ;;)

OKAAAAY. Recess. Why so emphasized? :”> While I was walking with my closest gal pals, Genevieve and Zet, I saw the fruit sitting kind of alone, so I felt the urge to congratulate him for being a top student. 🙂 But before I could, there was a boy who approached him. So I didn’t bother to come close to him again. :)) Haha, but this was the hilarious part- after me and my pals had bought snacks, we were so close to the fruit so I called him and told “Cwongwats” (with a Mini Keyk cupcake inside my mouth!) Then he said thank you (w/o a smile, he looked mad). I thought it was a little embarrassing but it was alright. :-bd He deserves it! 😛

I’ve finished this one on the 23rd to 24th.

Yeah, I went down and some people stared at me. Including the staffs. But it was alright, I just pretended that I didn’t notice that their eyes were on me. So I decided to go upstairs.. then I heard the sweet rhythm of tantanantanantantantanan, tanananantantantantan! It was the rhythm that stood by me through five years. It was the Recognition Day rhythm that I revel. ♥ When I heard that, I said, “Yes!” to myself with a big smile. 😀 Haha, okay. So  I went upstairs to tell my teacher that I didn’t see any honor stud. But I was forced to go down again. :)) When it was my 2nd time to go down, I was glad to see Celine and Ralph, as you all know they are two honor studs. 😉 I asked them if I could go with them. I was lucky to have two companions that time. XD

When we got on the other side, we were called by Madam Ibay, so we could get ourselves ready. I saw the candidates from the 2nd and 3rd year levels. I searched for the fruit, but I then realized he’s “better”. XD

Continuation tomorrow!! 🙂




Yes, today was the last regular school [Couragian-themed] day. :((

I quite enjoyed it, but I guess it’s not that one of the best because of my [little] depression. Ugh. Anyways, these are some things we did. 🙂 😦

1.) Played guitar. Yes, we were free! Zet gave me a tutorial. :-bd

2.) “Lessened” the things inside the closets and got our baby pictures. OBVIOUSLY REMIND US OF GOODBYE.

3.) Nagkagulo, nagkalat, lahat na. XD



Oh man, I can’t even look at my post yesterday. 😦 It hurts every time I remember that I was so happy yesterday for expecting too much.

Here’s my status in FB today: (not visible to all, though)

Waaaaaaah. :[ It was my last chance.. unfortunately I didn’t get it. Maybe hindi nga talaga meant ‘yun sa akin. Sorry God but I can’t help myself to be sad.. yet I promise I’ll do everything to be happy again like yesterday, when I thought na magkakatotoo na ‘yun. :(( </3 Please help me..

Aww. I’m not saying t’was my kuya’s fault. It’s nobody’s fault.. except for me. I broke my own heart, alright.

Sabi nga ni Zet, “Kung hindi para sa ‘yo, hindi talaga mangyayari.”

Last Recog. na nila eh. I was nearly there.

Who else to blame? The rules? Well, to be sincere, I find it unfair. I want to know why the rules were changed.

Well, thank you GOD, still! 🙂