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Okay, so after 5 years, err I mean, after weeks of postlessness (I made that word up), I’m back for good. I don’t wanna trash this precious blog out. 🙂 I just lacked ideas, encouragement, time and perseverance. 😦 Because no one even bothered to read the story (Signed With Love) of mine. Now, I feel what authors feel when they go low on book/novel sales. Ouchy. Drama. 🙂

*Achoo*. *Sniff*. Oh man. I have colds. Yesterday, my throat started hurting. When I woke up this morning (5 am), I felt my ears in sore, too. I’ve felt that I didn’t want to get up and start the day because being sick is a total frown-giver. 😦 But God encouraged me. 😀 I told my mom my condition. Minutes later, I was eating fried rice with hotdogs and Koko Krunch cereals that my nanay and mommy prepared (thank you!). Maybe even sickness couldn’t beat my love for foodies, eh? :”> 🙂

Maybe, I got my colds when we swam last Saturday at Splash Island. I remembered when it rained yet continued in swimming in the Balsa River anyway because it was soooo much fun! 😀 I was with Kim and mommy when when it rained while swimming. I remembered the “donuts” that we wore as salbabidas. We would change and change our donuts. 🙂

Maybe, another reason why I got colds are my sleepless nights. You know, everytime I go to bed at past twelve this summer? Oh well..

 I don’t blame having puyat nights and especially our SWIMMING for having colds, because I had fun doing those two things and those two activities made me smile. I just hope this sickness goes away fast (particularly before school starts on the 13th), though.


(Uh oh, I’ve just let out a cough. o_o)


Bloomed (05/11)


Jelou Galang

I just started as a small seed

Thirsty for enlightening water

That somehow I hoped will lead (me)

The baby steps to survive winter.

At first, I did not have smooth ventures

It was difficult to breathe in and out

Knowing that some creepy creatures

Could eat me up without having the urge to shout.

I had some accidental failures

And forgotten some steps I learned

Yet with all of your guiding gestures

I had stood again with knowledge earned.

My petals can serve as my gray matter

So beautiful in large number

And guess what will happen later:

My stem will even grow taller!

Now, I can proudly say

That surviving winter is a few steps away

Glad that I’m almost out of the feud

And you are continuing in helping me become



Oh hello. It’s already May now and I don’t know exactly why did I stop from posting since the 3rd week of April. I’m sorry about that. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood or something. Lack of intelligence and ideas, I think? 🙂

Celebrating the 3 most important days of Holy Week.

Good Friday

Prayed the Rosary with the Gospel Readings and Meditations. Super solemn day. Did my best to fast. 🙂

Black Saturday

Prayed the Rosary with the Gospel Readings and Meditations also. Visted the Church and went to a Laud accidentally because there wasn’t any Mass. But it’s okay, at least me and mom visited the Church. Went to a fastfood chain and ate breakfast after. 🙂 Oh yes, I was wearing yellow. ♥

Easter Sunday

Attended Mass with my R cousins and ate Iris. Then went to Macapagal Ave. for lunch as a treat of my tita for her birthday. Yay! Galcutiez reunion. 🙂 After that, we also went to MOA. Then, played at TimeZone. Exhausting day! 🙂


Sorry if I’ve haven’t posted for days.. I’ll make bawi today. :>

April 17, 2011

05:30 am

Woke up to attend the Palm Sunday mass. I wore my violet rock star-y Next shirt plus my white “The Smart Ones Are Always Different” Forever 21 top and a pair of black pants my mom gave me. Guess what, it was my first time to attend  Palm Sunday mass that includes– using of a palaspas. 🙂

07:10 am

After the mass, me and my mom headed to Jollibee to take our breakfast. I ordered chicken with rice and fries (the chicken had an unusual color, though). We also stopped by a convenience store.

Around 07:40 am

When we had gotten home and gave my dad his breakfast (payback time, because he used to buy me Sunday morning food), he told me something shocking and at first I didn’t even believe.

“Uy, patay na ‘yung artista sa Sabel ha.”

Then I was like, “SI AJ?! Or ‘yung isang lalaki..? Hala daddy si AJ ba?!”

“Oo yata. Nasa Yahoo! Na-aksidente.”

Okay. That wazz zo unbelievable. I quickly checked the Yahoo! site and found out what my dad said was true. 😦

What’s so awkward is that he didn’t really even become an idol of mine, but I was really affected of what happened. 😦

The tragic news just reminds us that we don’t know when will be our time– so we should always enjoy and cherish our life.

Used the pink bike. Japanese type. It was cool, though. 🙂

Rest in Peace. ♥

At the garage yo..

1. My dad.

– Every time I’m with him, we can’t avoid having laughtrips even in the most random thing in the world. XD Food chokes included.

2. Kuya Ivan Garcia.

– Fun to be with because he always makes himself (sometimes) the starting point of laughter even if he could embarass himself. Cool, eh? 🙂


3. Risey, my cousin.

– At a very young age, she has too much in mind already. She talks like she’s a lot older than me. How hilarious. :))


This can be changed. 🙂



2:17 pm. All alone in my room. No, dad didn’t ‘leave’ the yet- he just went out to organize some stuff. But it sure is different being alone and quiet here.

Ugh, I still feel dizzy because of the paint!

Intellectual Conversion means understanding the basic meaning of life. Am I right? We studied that in Christian Living.

It’s getting on me. Like a while ago. While I was eating my lunch, I saw Cher, our dog, sleeping on the ground despite of the drastic heat. I wonder if she really feels sad or uncomfy whenever she does that.. So I felt pity and decided that I should give her some of my food to show her that I’m there, ready to comfort her. I really love our dog and I become sad sometimes when she gets flogged a little bit for her mistakes. A little bit, okay? 🙂

I was also glad that I’m gradually overcoming my fear of dogs Cher! Well, it’s OK for me if I fear of dogs.. If I’ll not be scared of Cher.♥

Early morning tears. Sorry to let you leave without saying goodbye.

I can’t contact my mom properly. 😐



April 8, 2011- I expected this day to be full of bliss and excitement. I did try it to be… but I couldn’t tell it that it was pitched perfectly.


I woke up at around 7:30 am, an early one.. because of Rocketeer playing in my phone. Me and my dad had to wake up early so we can get my card early and at the same time get the latest issue of Marian Chronicle and some other things that were needed to be picked up.

My grades. I’m speechless. I can’t say that my final numbers were super high. Can’t say they flunked, either. My grades were okay. I didn’t really care that much about my final ratings because 1) the school-year was over; 2) whatever happens, I was still in the HL for school-year 2010-2011! What a mind.

Marian Chronicle. Marian Chronicle. MARIAN CHRONICLE. ♥

This made me very happy today. I just saw my name there, fives times repeated! LOL. Three for the three articles, then two for the Editorial Board. I didn’t know that I was one of the Second Associate Editors. XD Yes! Yes! Yes! (Wonderin’ if The Fruit saw my articles… don’t care!) 😛

Even though I felt kinda lucky enough this day.. I just learned that I must be careful of the things I handle, and I must be sure on all the information I give. OKAAAAYYY? Can’t explain. Can’t publicize that much, sorry! 🙂


I must write an Untold Story tomorrow!




Be cool. ~

The photo was taken inside the ta-ta-taxi cab. ^^


Okay? What’s up with the title? It just means that after a coupl’a weeks, we ate again in Pancake House! But what up with the, “without pancakes” phrase? None of us ordered pancakes. Even I. I was afraid to have vomit hardships again just like what happened when I ordered two-piece Chicken with rice plus hotcakes with egg last year. :O :-bd So I just ordered the two-piece chicken meal alone.

Before eating dinner, we shopped for some things my mom, dad and MYSELF need. Frankly, an example is the latest issue of Candy magazine. Haha. I just discovered that my crush and I are both water signs. LOL. ~


Okay, gotta go. Distribution of Cards tomorrow plus THE RELEASE. ♥



Thanks to Zet today!




I’ve opened a present from my parents and it was awesome!


I wonder if you actually fell for that? XD


That’s the only prank I’ve given today. I suck, right? XD



But at least I had laughtrips today. Especially with my dad. ♥







Yes! At last! Finally got recovered from posting and posting about the March 19th thingy, ’cause I admit, I got tired of seeing the same title (with a little difference, though) over and over again.

Okay, just a quick post. When I went biking this afternoon, when my first pedal of the day happened, it seemed like I WAS MORE COMFORTABLE. Not only that, it also seemed like whenever  go for a turn, I was reaaaally at ease and I was in 10 percent chance of falling down. I considered it a GREAT BIKE DAY. XD


My dad said it was because of  my condition, but up to now, I still think it was because of my bike all along. Particularly the wheels. My dad even pumped up air to them before I went biking. Hmm.. :))


‘Kay. 12am now. APRIL FOOOLLLSZZ. XD

Happy birthday, Princess and Graham. ♥