Jelou Galang

Every person has feelings or emotions. It is impossible for a certain human to be emotion-less and it really sucks every time when a person tries to be like that for the sake of himself alone. Well honestly, I can understand why other people tend not to share or show his feelings to others. Emotions are quite too strong and powerful- just like first love or infatuation.

In writing this essay right now, I can’t help but to feel a little bit like this-is-so-corny kind of thing, perhaps because I don’t normally write things that are related to love because I didn’t really have a good inspiration for this so called, “infatuation” or “crush”. But now I have a good one. Every time I see this person, Goosebumps appear like surprising thunderclap. I want to know more of the things about him, and even his single “look” at me makes my heart flutter. He’s so perfect in my sight not only because of the way he looks but for his attitudes and skills. He’s so cute even though he wears braces and glasses that make him appear like a total nerd. Crushing on a smart boy’s an advantage for because of him, I could always encourage myself to study harder. Rather than being distracted, I’m being pushed to aim higher. Even though we’re not really that close, I’m already contented that he knows me and we’re friends.

I don’t really want to say if this is really first love or just a crush because I’m too young to have matured feelings. But one thing’s for sure, I’ll just go with the flow like how other emotions do- comes naturally. At the right time, right moment.