I’m a silly girl with silly thoughts, so expect some silly posts as well. ;) But, I assure that behind my silliness, I have deeper, meaningful messages.

Jelou Galang is the name! Writing and admiring  jeyceetee is my game. :))

Love me? I love you as well. 🙂 ♥

Hate me? WHY? XD

My family makes me complete.

I’m a Filipino Girl, Manila Girl, 8-Peace President and Young Writers’ Vice President. :”>

I love everything yellow and green.. well almost.

I don’t like it when someone steals my work. :-pq

Fro-yo, chocolates, cheeeesy pizzas, milk are what I crave for!

I love to go biking.

I adoreeee basketball. CELTICS!

It makes me happy every time I see people happy. That’s why I always want to see people’s reactions whenever I give them something. 🙂

I love talking to God. I pray not just because I want help, it’s also because I need love.

I’m practicing how to play guitar.

I love reading novels. The Clique. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. OH YEAH.

Mmkay, if you’ve read this page before my blog posts, I ♥ YOU. Ha ha.