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Pictures taken from reviewing Math for the Monthly Exams (Photo 1-3) and doing the Science Article about Abortion with creativity (Photo 4-5).

I love school. =))







Luis Fernando, you are the bomb! :”>

MLDB will start on the 15th of August. It will air at 6 pm. I’M SO LUCKY. 😛


Photo credits to Tumblr.




After a century, I’ve finally managed to create a new post. =))

Our classes were announced suspended today not because of bagyong Kabayan, but because of the Hanging Habagat. (Maybe it was really a strong one. Lol, I am not good in weather forecasts.)

Last night, the loud thunders and lightnings woke me up in the middle of a cannot-be-remembered dream. I was really so scared that I was hiding behind my mommy’s back so I won’t be able to have a glimpse of the “light” coming from them. It was really freakin’ loud. :[ But I was happy though, because God answered my prayers eventually (to stop the lightnings!). :”>

At maybe 7 am today, I was really feeling relaxed because there were no classes. So, I’ve decided to go online and I surprisingly found out that some of my classmates were like, celebrating the free day. XD Minutes later, I’ve noticed a flash of light when I looked at our windows. After maybe two seconds, I’ve heard a thunder roar. -_- Scared because thinking that what happened last night would happen again, I quickly turned the computer off.  You are probably laughing right now but sorry, that’s what Astraphobics would do. 😛 Going back, I went to my bed and hid my face behind a pillow. I fell asleep and woke up with a HEADACHE. -_- My hair was still wet when I accidentally feel asleep so that’s the reason why it happened. Ugh.