Signed With Love

Chapter 2

Our Best Friends Forever, Signed

Rocketeer Academy
June 15, Monday
06:10 am

   Proom, proom. The noisy-yet-mechanically-good-in-condition tricycle that Natania and Jenish rode didn’t really help to make their first day of school perfect, but they were still thankful that they had gotten a ride fast.

   Minutes later, they’d gotten to school, Rocketeer Academy.

   “Thank you for the ride.” said Natania as she dragged her bag, slipped her hand inside the pocket of and pulled out the tricycle payment. Jenish pulled out her trolley.

   “Wow, ate. This new school looks like a lot bigger than Apple Dreams Montesorri.” said Nishi, amazed of the school’s structure.

   “Oh yeah, it really does look a little bit huge than our old school. Come on, we can’t wait to see the inside, can we?” said Tania.

   “I can’t!” Nishi followed.

   When they entered the green-and-yellow themed school, their eyes flickered with delight. It was a lot bigger.. and was more exquisite than their old school back when they were in a different city.

   “The playground! So sweet!” said Jenish in glee.

   “You still like playgrounds?” asked Natania.

   “Ate, what grade am I in?” said Jenish with arms across her chest.

   “4th grade.” said Natania, pretending to be bored by the question.

   “Yeah, so it’s still okay for me to like playgrounds, right?” asked Jenish, but not particularly asking.. just annoying her cousin with a proud smile.

   “Yeah, sure. Let’s go find what your section is.” Tania changed the topic.

   Before they could go near the bulletin boards where the list of sections per level are, a boy dressed in a uniform (of course) with short yet shaggy hair approached the two girls.

   Tania gasped.


   “Hey, Tania.” the shaggy-haired boy said.

   “Why are you here? Are you going to study?” asked Tania excitedly.

   “Yeah.” responded Enzo with a big smile.

   “Is that kuya Enzo? Your best friend in Apple Dreams?” Jenish blushed.

   “Yes, Jenish. So Enzo, shall we search for our sections?”

   “Yup.” Enzo walked with Tania and Jenish toward the boards.

   “Let’s search for Jenish’s first.” said Tania.

   “Here it is,” said Enzo, pointing at Jenish’s name in a bond paper located on the board. “You are in section Amethyst, room 8-B.”

   “Okay, thank you so much kuya Enzo! You are so kind. Bye, ate!” said Nishi.

   “Bye.” said Tania, unable to hide the smile on her face because of her cousin’s feelings for her best friend.

   “Look, I just saw our section. It’s Topaz, room 12-A.” said Enzo.

   “Our section? You mean we’re classmates?”


   Jenish and Enzo excitedly went up the stairs to room 12-A.

Rocketeer Academy, Aquamarine room 21-C
June 15, Monday
06:50 am

   After Christian searched for his section downstairs, he went up to his classroom with his best friend, Cherry, who was his classmate.. AGAIN.

   “I so heart this!” Cherry said.

   “What do you “heart?” Christian asked while checking his school bag, in case he’d forgotten something.

   “Number one, our fab classroom; number 2, our ah-dorable section name; number 3, you and I, classmates again.” Cherry said, looking at Christian.

   “What’s ah-dorable about Aquamarine?” Christian said, his head faced to the insides of his bag.

   “It’s your birthstone.”


   “So? You are my best friend, silly.” giggled Cherry.

   Christian didn’t say a word, yet still didn’t get it. He didn’t get what those words meant. Cherry really had feelings for the lad..