Signed With Love

Chapter 1

Our Early Mornings, Signed

JVince Rental Homes
June 15, Monday
05:01 am


   “Aaaah…” Natania yawns while waking up, stopping the noise of the clock. She checks herself in the mirror while wearing silly, kind-of-worn-out pajamas that her aunt gave her. Tania’s aunt, Nina and her uncle, James, had raised her since she was still about four and a half years old. Nina’s a sister of his dad, Cesar.

   Tania’s parents split when she was only four years old. Her mom, Tina, needed to work out of the country ever since. Her dad also had to work out of the country and he did create his own, new family there. Tania’s mom, aunt and uncle supported her needs- education, clothes, food and everything. But that didn’t stop Natania from continuing her life. Even if her parents weren’t always there to guide and support her, she did everything to have a good life.

   Tania immediately walked down to eat breakfast. While she was setting the table, she could smell eggs and hear the sound of rice being fried. Tania talked to her aunt who’s cooking.

   “Mama, are those scrambled eggs with fried rice?”, asked Tania with a growling tummy.

   “You have good senses, dear.” answered aunt Nina.

   “Hihi. Thanks, mama. May I prepare the drinks?” insisted the girl.

  “Yes, you may, Natania. I’m quite craving for coffee today.” said uncle James while reading the daily gazette.

   “As always papa! Haha.” Tania said smilingly while stirring with the use of a stainless steel spoon.

   “Food is ready, folks. Tania, could you call Nishi or wake her up if she’s still sleeping? You two need to be early on your first day.” requested Nina.

   “Sure, ma.” said Natania.

   Natania had gone up the stairs and woke her 10-year-old cousin, Nishi up. Nishi was also smart and an achiever like her older cousin that’s why she was also able to get a scholarship grant.

   Then, the whole family had eaten and talked about the first day of school matters.

   “Natania,” said aunt Nina.

   “Yes?” answered Tania.

   “You should remember that entering a new exclusive school isn’t that hard. Don’t be pressured. And in case someone teases you because of your scholarship or our financial status, don’t fight back, okay? I know you are a very kind girl, Tania. I’m just making reminders. Just tell me if somebody teases you. Just snob them if you could. But if you can teach them a lesson by explaining, it’s somehow better.” explained and reminded by aunt Nina.

   Before Natania could thank her, Nina had spoken again.

   “And you, Nishi. I know that you’re just in 4th grade, and your classmates won’t be thinking about that. But my baby, if you need anything, tell your Mama, okay? Enjoy your new environment and don’t be afraid to make new friends. “ said Nina, a little bit more touching than what she said to Tania.

   “Thank you mommy mama! Haha. I love you.” responded Nishi sweetly.

   “Thank you too, mama. I’ll keep those in mind. I love you, too.” added Natania.

   “Thanks, sweeties. I love you two.” said Nina with a mother-is-proud smile.

   “Hey, how about me?” surprisingly said James.

   “We love you!” said Nina, Nishi and Natania altogether.

   “Haha. James loves you three, too.” jokingly but sincerely responded by the coffee-crave-r.

   Natania was so heart-fluttered when she immediately thought of her parents. She wondered how happier it would be if they were the ones whom she said “I love you” to. Natania had already spoken that three words to them before, but she just wondered how it would be if they were in the same place as aunt Nina and uncle James.

   After a few more preparations, Natania and Nishi were finally ready. Nina kissed the two goodbye while James high-fived.

   “Oh yuh!” said Tania and Jenish (Nish’s real first name) in union while waiting for a tricycle to ride to school.

Trikle Condominiums
June 15, Monday
05:01 am

   “Sir, please wake up now, you need to get ready. It’s the start of classes. Please get up now.” said Mimi the housemaid, quickly tapping Ianne’s arm to wake him up, as commanded by his mother, Trixie Dee.

   “Okay, okay. I’ll wake up now. Just please give me sometime alone. I’ll go down in a bit.” insisted Ianne.

   “Okay, Sir.” responded Mimi and went down.

    Ting, ting, ting... rings the Blackberry phone of Ianne.

   “Yo nigga,” answered Ianne. It was Cherry, Ianne’s friend since childhood, who secretly likes him.

   “Good morning Christian!!! How’s my best friend?” greeted Cherry in an energetic voice.

   “I’m good. And by the way, why do you always call me Christian instead of Ianne? Seriously, Cherry.”

   “Uh, well. Cherry and Christian both start with a C! Hihi.” said Cherry.

   “So?” answered Ianne, confused.

   “Nothin’. Oh, have you eaten already?” asked Cherry, obviously concerned.

   “Not yet. I was about to go down when you called.” said Ianne.

   “Oh, so I must be-“ Cherry was cut off.

   “No way, I’m glad you called today.” continued Ianne immediately. He did not want his best friend to think that she was a disturbance in his morning schedule because Cherry was somehow a sensitive girl.

    “Thanks. Oh, I have to go now. I have to prepare. We have to eat. See you at Rocketeer Academy! Again. Haha.” said Cherry with a light blush on her face.

   “‘Kay. Goodbye.” said Ianne then shut the phone.

   Ianne had fixed his too-messy-even-for-a-boy hair and went down, heading straight to the dining room.

   When he went down, his mom was glaring at him, and so did the housemaids. A certain housemaid named Maya was beside his dining chair.

   “What took you so long?” said Mommy Trixie.

   “Sorry mom, I just needed to fix up my hair.. and Cherry called me.” explained Ianne.

   “Oh, well. It’s Cherry anyway. It’s okay. I’m sorry if I glared at you like that, Christian. I was just so excited to let you taste me and Maya’s breakfast dish collaboration. I helped her cook today so that your first day in senior year would be extra-special.” Trixie said proudly, with a wink.

   Maya smiled back at Trixie and Ianne.

    “Nice, mom. I’ll go taste it.” said Ianne. He then ate the special milk-dipped and butter-cooked  french toast with ham.

   “Wow! Mom, Maya. This is great. And to tell you honestly, you really didn’t need to add ham. The toast alone was mouthwatering already.” said Ianne, continuously eating the remaining toasts.

   “Thank you, Sir.” said Maya.

   “That’s my boy. I love you so much, Christian.” said Trixie.

   “I love you too, mom. Wait, where’s dad?” responded Ianne.

   “We’re here!” shouted Ron, Christian’s dad; Ella, Christian’s older sister; and Waynes, Christan’s ten-year-old sister. “Sorry, we’re late.” said Charles. He then added, “I even woke up earlier than the two. Thank God they’re not that late.”

   “Okay, okay. Let’s eat!” Trixie said excitedly.

   “Hey kuya, it’s not fair that you’re gonna finish first. You didn’t wait for us.” said Waynes.

   “Well, that’s what early birds get.” Christian winked at his sister.

   Waynes rolled her eyes saying “whatever”. Then it was followed by Ella’s glare at her brother.

   The family had eaten and the children prepared for school right after.

   “Bye mom!” Christian, Ella, Waynes and daddy Ron said to mommy Trixie. They had been kissed goodbye and drove off with a Toyota Adventure.