Signed With Love


Our Life, Signed

   Tick tock, kring!!! The clock started to ring as it should at five o’clock in the morning, waking Charlotte Natania Domingo up. She needed to go to school early like any other “good schoolgirl”. Tania or Charlee, as she’s commonly called, is a simple girl with huge dreams. Even though she didn’t come from a rich family, from the very start, she always tried her best to achieve what she wanted in life and reach her aspirations one step at a time. One proof is that she became the First Honor when she was in 2nd year high school. Not only that, she had always been a representative for their school competitions.

   Yes, Tania’s family wasn’t a money-showered one- but she was able to study in an exclusive school because of her scholarship grant since she started high school. Yet when she was an incoming 3rd year student, she had to transfer to another exclusive school because they were moving also.

   Tick tock, tang!!! The digital alarm with a Chinese New Year kind of tone struck the ears of John Christian Dee. While Tania was a Filipino-Spanish, Ianne (as he was called) was a Filipino-Chinese. He came from a wealthy family and they always had high expectations for him. That’s why Ianne was always pushed to do good THE BEST. Because both of his parents are successful, people also expected him to be the same. And it is good that he remained consistent with that. He was a 3-year MVP (Most Valuable Player) in his basketball team in school, the Green Rockets when he was in grade school up to when he was in 3rd year high school. He also joined contests and won about eighty percent of them.

  Though Ianne was a little bit snobbish, deep inside, he still had kindness. He was fun to be with, but he easily got mad in some things.

   Ianne had gotten anything he wanted. At some times, he didn’t even need to tell his parents what he wanted- they automatically gave these to him, the money and other kinds of stuff. He was nearly spoiled rotten.

But almost everything in him just changed when he had met the girl who transformed him.